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We charge by the hour for therapy and consultation. However, each project and each situation is individual so if you feel you need something different get in touch and we can talk it through. 

We offer an initial 30-minute session, free of charge so that we can discuss the work and explore if we would like to work together.  

Training is created on request and to the needs of your organisation. Fees vary. 

Pay it forward 

We are often approached by filmmakers who are unable to pay anything at all, or just a little, for much needed therapy.

We’re introducing a ‘pay it forward’ scheme to enable those that are able to contribute to therapy sessions for those that otherwise wouldn’t be able to access it. 

If you are one of the following, perhaps you would consider donating: 

  •  a film financier who would like to support your filmmaking community
  •  a filmmaker who is financially stable
  • A Mental Health organisation that is interested in supporting this work 

We will be transparent about how many sessions are currently sitting in the pot, updating as regularly as possible. This fund can be used to either discount sessions or, in some cases provide sessions free of charge. 

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Privacy Policy  I  © Film In Mind 2020

Privacy Policy  I  © Film In Mind 2020