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Film In Mind is a psychotherapy practice providing professional and personal support to film practitioners.


We combine in-depth knowledge of the film industry with our psychotherapy training, providing a unique understanding of the complexities our clients may be facing. 

“I’ve worked with therapists in the past and have always spent too long trying to explain what my job involves. You get it, enabling me to get straight to the point and find my way towards solutions.” 

We are interested in working with other therapists who have a background in filmmaking or the creative arts. Please get in touch if this is you. 

Rebecca Day

(Founder, Therapist)

I am a BACP registered psychotherapist and a documentary producer. I created Film In Mind in 2018, when I saw a very real need to address the collective mental health of the documentary world I was working in. Being able to combine my two passions in this way feels like such a privilege.  

My filmmaking career began with the Scottish Documentary Institute (SDI) in 2008, where I developed and produced several shorts and feature docs and worked on innovative impact and audience engagement campaigns. My latest film, Becoming AnimaI, directed by Emma Davie & Peter Mettler and about our human relationship with nature, was released in 2018 at CPH:DOX and is screening internationally. I am also producing Silent Men, a personal feature doc by award winning filmmaker Duncan Cowles, about men’s mental health, currently in production. 

Training as a person-centred therapist was a life-changing journey for me. I learnt to prioritise my own mental health, so that I could offer the strength and support that my therapy clients needed. During my training, I was also struck by the duality of my work as a producer and as a therapist and started to explore how the risk factors and subsequent coping strategies I was learning as a therapist could be applied to filmmaking.

When working with clients, either through training, individual therapy or consultation, I draw on my insight from both industries to create a safe and open environment that enables us to look at new ways of working – one that accepts the vulnerable spaces we find ourselves.

I live with my partner and daughter in Kendal, the Lake District where I also run a private counselling practice.



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