DocuMentality seeks to normalize a conversation about mental health and well-being in the documentary industry, and to provide best practice guidance and information for documentary filmmakers to become more resilient resources for themselves, their teams and the people who entrust them with their stories.

Currently in the research phase, DocuMentality has been running a series of focus groups in the UK and the USA over the last few months to hear directly from filmmakers about what their mental health experiences and needs are.
Our aim is to create an online resource (guidance, supporting materials and toolkit) that documentary makers could use to take care of their mental health and the mental health of the people they work and film with.

To find out more about Documentality and to sign up to our newsletter please visit: DocuMentality

Documentality is a collaborative project initiated by Film In Mind, Mallikah Rollins and The D-Word.

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Privacy Policy  I  © Film In Mind 2020